Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pensar...( Response)

What's Good?
This one is out of Humor! Ladies please dont trip. It's only a JOKE. Fella's Get ready to laugh!
If I was a Dog
I think I would understand/
How to keep these Girls just falling/
My phone they wont stop calling/
and never break a heart with regret..../
If I was Dog...
Would you see me the same/
(would You see me the same)Ohhhhh
If after lust I just stop calling/
Your name I cant recall it/
(Call it)
And say my broken heart is to blame/....
I wont listen to her/
and say things just cause it hurts/
(just cause it hurt)ohhhh
I'll tell her friends to mind their buisiness/
Keep her down by hurting her feeling/
If she wanna smile a Man ,What she wants/
If I was a Dog.........


Ashley Spinelli said...

LMAOO!!! hoes stop cryin man. lol i like this one! "if after lust i just stop calling..." haha okay ladies, we've had "bust your windows" as well as "if i were a boy", what lady-anthem is next?? i know i sound crazy but ne-yo is giving yall hoes (i don't fall in such a category) tips on what a man likes and females just want to get in that NAS mode (niggas aint ****) smh!! come on! my mama told me there's a certain sexy that comes along with a female that's got her own, and that's what i strive to be. But for now, a date to wendy's is aight. "baby you can get whatever you likeeee (on the .99 menu)" until were not struggling college students lol

I highly doubt there would be a "if I were a dog" if there wasn't so much "unappreciation" going around. both sides though, both sides. I think i went off...hold me back josh hold me back!

i have to have a new tag line for this post: MAKE IT WORK!!

Lucky Peters said...

ASH ...I LOVE you you make the joke even more funny