Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wiping The Canvas Clean!!!

What's Good?
So Pha'real Cleans all the tats off his body. I remember seeing a video where he said that the tat's were impulsive. Will he get a different set of tats or will he just keep it clean we will see
P with no tats is crazy and for him to do this surgery right before he has a concert at my school is wreck less. St. John's will burn down if he doesn't come.


MaX StatZ (Bo StyleZ) said...

n bullshit...he betta show up or ppl will riot

Halo said...

Yea it seems a little strange that hes getting ALL his TATS removed. I feel like they were apart of his Swagg and sex appeal. I wonder if he will still be sexy without them. Whether girls will still think hes cool or not... hmmm maybe he will attract a different type of girl. I dunno. But what I do know is he better make his butt to SJU. lol Do you think a man with tats at age 30 is a problem really? I guess you wouldnt want your father showing up to your teachers conference tatted up.

MONAE. said...

how come I didnt get a invite to the concert?

Yes! it makes no sense to get all of those tats and then pay more to to remove them than you did for the tats...stupid.