Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nivea Loves The Bruhz

Whats Good?
Usually I dont Put the Frat on the Blog but i found this to be owt. Nivea Loves the bruhz.
This was supposed to be a music update but hey! i had to post this.
You know I had to give yall something else.
Nivea New track produced by Tricky Stewart

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Halo said...

Im going to disregard the whole nivea loves the Bruhz lmao and say Yayyyy Niveas back! yayyy I missed her... back in the day i use to jam to laundromat and 25 reasons. Im happy for her im sure its been a rough raod after divorcing the DREAM and seeing him with his new boo christina milian. smh. maybe she will have some good male bashing music on the upcoming album lol. and about this new single Zodiac everyone from beyonce to tyrese has done a zodiac song. I think she should have came out with a better single. still love her though