Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stay or Leave

Have you ever been in a relationship that u just cant get out of??
Not to necessarily say a girlfriend or boyfriend but just a person u always seem to stay involved with. I was just thinking about some situations I've had and have SEEN... Some dudes just can't leave certain ones alone..and some ladies can't leave certain dudes alone lol..
Joe Budden's video explains 1 of the situations I'm talking about.
Joe Budden - Exxxes


Journey said...

Um yea, definitely. I think sometimes the hardest part is letting go. But some relationships aren't meant to let go of...some are just destined or much rather a blessing. But the biggest problem with us is that sometimes we know its time to let go but don't know how to stop the lust.

Lucky Peters said...

Very notable thought MAXX. I guess those people are around for a reason because their time has not come yet. When the time calls for when its time for them to follow with you or leave you'll know. If anybody knows this it should be.

Halo said...

I def feel you on this. People like the security of knowing that person will always be there in a sense. Change is hard for everyone and when you let go of someone you have been with for a while change in your life is enevitable. There is 1 out 10 chance of these type of relationships having a fairytale ending. Therefore people need to accept change, dismiss stability and security and move on.

MONAE. said...


I agree with all of thee above.