Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pensar (Giving-Up The Game)

What's Good?
B-U-N-Z and I was talking about some real shit. He threw a Joke my way saying how he was gonna throw a banquet for all the "GREATS" who are leaving the games behind them. Would you believe he actually considered me to be a "GREAT". I strongly disagree!. OK,Ok,OK.... For those who don't know What exactly a "GREAT" is...well a "GREAT" is consider one of the elite people of their class that stood out specifically with woman. I really Believe my whole time at St.John's University was for the most part private especially when in detail about the opposite sex. The strip can make you or brake you I really fear that place because I seen the gossip that floats around there. Well back to the story He asked me was I actually ready to stop fooling around and I Replied yea with confidence. I look back at my friends and they really seem happy with how things are in their lives. I asked them on several occasions what made them do it and at the tender ages of 20, 21 they replied "I'm Just tired of doing the run-around". I began to feel they were just content with what they had but as time progressed I began to see that their significant other really keeps them above water. I looked at that situation and said" Fuck what people think and feel I rather be miserably happy than to do this whole process over. So B-U-N-Z I guess I'll be coming down for my award. Damn I miss Freshman Year. The Question You ask yourself is are you ready when the call is for you because we are not getting younger.

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