Wednesday, August 3, 2011

St8ofmines By Ear Mixtape Review: The Crates

Peace and Blessings

Hearing quality music in this day and age is like a "Breath of fresh air". With many artist looking to entertain rather than focus on good music the music game has become somewhat trendy and many artist are willing to put thier artistic integrity aside for the fam and fortune associated with the rap game. Willie The Kid's newest project #TheCrates is the definition of pure lyricism and good music.
The Michigan born lyricist has recently released the 11 track piece which is quite impressive, from pure lyricism to all original instrumentals the mixtape most certainly has rapid replay value. Hearing mixtapes like The Crates presents a sense of hope for real hip hop and demonstrates the approaching resurgence to the hip hop game that for some time was beginning to look somewhat bleak. Check the link for the drop.

By Ear: @St8ofmines

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