Monday, February 21, 2011

New Artist Alert: Nike Nando

What's Good?
Usually when an artist puts on for a certain place in the world another artist finds their way through. Washington D.C. was one of the most overlooked places for hip-hop talent and since the national recognition of Maybach Music's newly signed artist Wale, many artist have tried to monopolize on the opportunity to be seen while the spotlight is on the DMV. We have payed close attention to most of their note worthy MC's such as Philade, Gram, Justi,Tabbi Bonney and many more....but, today's most promising artist since their recognition has to be...Nike Nando.
The DMV artist may have been out for some time and surely paid his dues. Nando's talent has surely made its way to New York City and some of today's most popular blogs. Now with his 'Love Day' project hitting the internet sound waves Nike Nando surely has the potential to bring his hip-hop experience to new fans everywhere. I (@Lucky_Peters) surely co-sign this guy for a solid listen.
Love Day -Nike Nando
Shout Out To Trevin (24KR Design)

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