Saturday, May 1, 2010


What's Good?
Listen! So in the serious of the of this conversation I had to title it as so. Many artist at St. John's University and some that are around are surely trying to make names for themselves in the music world these days. I love to see all the talent working hard but I hate to see it being used and displayed the wrong way. Artist development is the key asset to becoming listener friendly amongst new friends. You can have all the talent in the world but if you do not establish a solid background for your perspective fans to accept you, you will fall under. Always look at a hater as a person who will challenge your ability to develop your all around being as an artist.
Since this has been the troubling factor for me to accept many artist, I felt as a blogger I should help you instead of putting you down.
1. Create or build a relationship with a strong media outlet. (Stay Loyal never play both sides of the field)

2. Never release music (Mixtapes, Albums, EP's, etc.) until you have created a big question to who you are. (place a freestyle or well put together song or feature until then)

3. Visit every musical function possible until you have become a familiar face.

4. Find a niche other than music that can get you noticed...Blogging, youtube or simple stuff  such as building good character for everyone you meet.

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