Friday, February 5, 2010

Check It Out: Mixtape Season

What's Good?
Mixtape season has arrived. 6 mixtapes in one week is pretty good for the rap game. Please support Rap/Hip-Hop especially when its free. I recommend strongly that some people should step away from the radio beccause it manipulates you taste of what's real. with out further ado I present...
Cassidy has returned to heat the streets. He been putting out some freestyles lately warming the crowd for an anticipated album.
The man on the moon is still on the grind. With a growing fan base Kid Cudi will be shining light in the rap game once the official word is out that the revolution will be televised.
D.J. Woogie & Kid Cudi - Cudder is Back
Ludacris is back he always been on top of his especially with this mixtape to promote his new adult beverage.
He ripped so many people tracks on the mixtapes. you really need to download this one.
Ludacris- Conjour (A Hustler's Spirit)

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