Friday, February 5, 2010

Never Forget: Black History Month

Alvin Ailey
(Jan.5,1931- Dec. 21,1989)
The art of dance has been one of the most beautiful art forms ever. Growing up in Brooklyn I was only exposed to hip-hop dance until the day I was invited to 'Ailey at the Apollo' two years ago and I was speechless. Taking in this art form gave me a whole new appreciation of art. Basic Ballet has been one of the original forms of revolutionary dance until the world was shaken by a man who revolutionized the very art form of the dance you know now. Alvin Ailey has been the lead man of revolted American Dance for 50 years. Born in Roger, Texas  Ailey was the son of Lula Cooper and absent father during a strong time of segregation. Later The Ailey family search for a new life following a lucrative job attainment in Los Angeles supporting the war. Since his young teen year Ailey was always interested in the arts. He later joined the Horton school to pursue his love of dance where they taught classical ballet and native dances. While creating his dance group he creating a dance segment that shocked the world titled 'Revelations' which reflected his the upbringing of Texas. This form of dance has lead him to uplift the number of the African-American participation in this art form. If you haven't seen a show I recommend you place this on your list because this show who is now direct by the beautiful Judith Jamison is breath taking. 

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