Thursday, August 18, 2011

St8ofmines By Ear Mixtape Review: JF Brooks

Peace and Blessings,

Brooklyn native JF Brooks recently dropped his debut album Undeniable. The thirteen track soul rendition gives you a look into the 23 year old iraqi war vet's life, dreams, ambitions, and so forth. The production on the album has a very smooth soulful consistency that not only grabs your attention but also puts you in the frame of mind to connect with JF on each track. Lyrically Jf displays the lyrical prowess to entertain mainstream audiences as well as provoking one to think on a more deeper conscious level.
The album also contains a number of powerful interludes and skits that nicely transition with the subject matter of each track. This album has "Undeniable" replay value and im certain lovers of sound quality music will connect with it. Check the link Here

By Ear: @St8ofmines

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