Friday, July 8, 2011

By Ear Album Review: Lil B I'm Gay

Peace and Blessings

Brandon McCartney A.K.A Lil B The Basedgod has been gaining mass attention via the mixtape circuit as well as social media outlets for his signature cooking inspired songs and persona. The former member of The Pack has been working on solo work for some time and has recently released his Solo Album Titled "I'm Gay". Though the title is somewhat outlandish and questionable the album itself is quite powerful.

In listening to the thirteen track compilation Lil B comes with powerful messages of mental slavery and the struggles of his past. This is the more serious side of Lil B and it is quite impressive his flow and delivery is pretty much the same as most of his current work but the lyrical content is something far left of what listeners would expect from the "BasedGod" If your looking for the entertaining funny Lil B look elsewhere this album is of more substance and value than the typical "BasedGod" music. Check the link for the drop...

By Ear @St8ofmines

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