Saturday, July 2, 2011

Album Release: Section 80 -Kendrick Lamar

What's Good?
Kendrick Lamar has finally graced his fans with his latest release 'Section 80' after releasing his well renowned EP 'Overly Dedicated'. The Top Dawg signee has reached every corner of the country with his storytelling abilities. Kendrick truly deserves every ounce of his success. Now with Section 80 currently running straight off iTunes into the ipods of every hip-hop fan K Dot can only wait to see where his organically created fanbase will take him. Personally my favorites are (@Lucky_Peters) Tammy's song, Reagan Era A.D.H.D.,No Make Up and chapter six ....So Far. I am really impressed because he uses a sample from KING who hasn't really hit the waves with their three track EP on this side of the world. Get Your Copy And Tell What You Think In The Comment Section!

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