Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pensar: Life...

Life… Something so precious, that only a few billion people are privilege to experience. Are you satisfied? I often ask myself, would I be Satisfied If my creator ended it now? No! Life is the greatest high when you speak from a higher understanding, you have a sense of fulfilling the obligation of giving that opportunity to someone either unborn or under-privilege and I have not done either. I have so much unfinished business that I feel it will leave a debt so big that it would carry into the after life.  Sometimes you should sit back and ask yourself that if you were to die today would you be content with how you lived it? Sometimes we run so hard and fast in the maze of life that we lose our way. Lose our way so deep that we forget to enjoy the spoils of life and helping people do the same.  Some people have live a complete lifetime without experiencing the simple things of life worth living for like Love & Friendship. Those people gained the world.  Today we are so young stuck on the same playlist of life. It’s time to diversify your lifestyle in order to fulfill it with all of life’s spoils. Write out a “list” of everything you want in life and rip it up! Life needs no plan. Remember, Only A few people are privilege to experience it….Life

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