Friday, March 4, 2011

Women's Fashion: Spring Tips

Hey Guys and Dolls its ya girl Franki!

I love how fashion recycles itself and what was once considered a "tomboy" look could actually be considered sexy.

I remember how only boys or the tomboy's rocked the bomber jackets. I was one of those chicks back in the day with my bomber jacket.

I saw a bomber jacket a few months back in HM for $50 but I was a day late and my size was no longer available. However, I was in Topshop recently and lord behold was a few Bomber Jackets!

It was alittle more $ but as I said before fashion recycles. The price starts at $80 and as seen on Ciara her look is laidback but still has that sexy edge

Here are a few color options!!!!
baseball jacketburgundy baseball jackete baseball bomber jacketstripe baseball

Teyana Taylor and her Boo Brandon Jennings have matching True Religion Bomber Jackets retail price is $250-$300

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