Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jimmer The Bust?

I was checking out 1st & 10 on ESPN 2 today and the topic of Jimmer Fredette and NBA came about. Skip Bayliss and guest of the day, John Ireland discussed this topic. What blew me away was what John said in his opening comments.

"If Jimmer Fredette was black we wouldn't be having this talk".

That raised a good question to me. Would fans of basketball and analyst say otherwise about Fredette if he were black?

Looking into a league where the majority of white players are from Europe the two note able guys that didn't pan out to the hype were Adam Morrison and J.J. Redick. Both players had tremendous college careers, Morrison at Gonzaga and Redick at Duke, but both never panned out being true TOP 10 picks. Morrison is a complete bust and Redick is a decent role players for the Magic. Will the same bold for Fredette?

I say if Jimmer goes to a team that DOESN'T expect him to carry them he can have quiet the career. I compared him to a Jason Terry type player. The sixth man who doesn't come in to give you defensive minutes but that comes in and sparks a flare for your team when the starters, who you really rely on to win the games, need a rest.

Mock drafts have Fredette as a top 20 pick just weeks after he was at best a second round pick. The kid has the talent to succeed but needs to go to a team that will not rely on him to be their star alone. A veteran team is his best suit. Not a young, up and coming team.

I really would like to hear the peoples opinion on race being a factor for Fredette. I kind of wish it wasn't and more his talent but if it's going to be about that I'd like to hear other peoples thoughts as well.

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