Monday, December 6, 2010


Hate to see it happen and have to report it but Villanova has suspended freshman JayVaughn Pinkston today and plan to expel him from the University at the end of the semester. The Brooklyn born Pinkston was involved in a frat house fight this past summer and hasn't been played once this season. Pinkston will have to reapply for next year over the summer time.

Sources say he will be back with the team next season. Lots of reports are out there but he will be released from the university and have to resubmitted application to the school.

This should be a message to athlete's on college teams. You are NOT professional athlete's. You do not hold a contract. You can be removed from the team AS WELL as University if you do something wrong. These parties are great to be at but put yourself where you are protected and don't get in trouble.

Good luck to Pinkston, very talented athlete just put in a bad position.

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