Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Men's Fashion: Tips on What to Wear for NYE

Season Greetings Gents,
New Years Eve is coming faster than we realized. In the back of everyone's mind is "What should I wear for New Year's Eve?" No one wants to be overdressed for the occasion but at the same time everyone wants to be recognized. Here are a couple ideas and tips.

The first look is the classic, "All black everything" theme. This look is harder to perfect than many people realize but looks great for any occasion. It requires the perfect pair of sneakers and black pants and a nice fitting black jacket.

The second look is a little more classy. This look is basic and essentially a sweater and a lighter more basic sneaker with a classic pair of denim. You can switch the look up a little if you'd like with a classic oxford shirt under the sweater to add a little energy or keep it basic with a white t-shirt.

The third look is perhaps my favorite. khakis and a denim jacket. This look is great for all occasions and is virtually impossible to go wrong with. The key to the outfit is a nicely fit pair of khakis and the perfect denim jacket.

As always, accessories such as a watch, glasses, etc. are an essential part of bringing your look to life. The fit of the clothes is the key to making it look good. Remember to layer clothing to help combat the cold winter weather. A fresh haircut is often times what pulls it all together and shades are almost a must to hide signs of intoxication. The key to fashion success is adding your own twist to it and making it your own.

These styles can be found at stores like: The GAP, Zara, Top Man, Uniqlo, Banana Republic, etc. for cost efficient prices. It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to look nice.

Good luck putting your outfit together for this New Year's Eve! Be safe and enjoy.. Happy New Year's!!


Phil said...

I like the second look best. I go for a dressier look for NYE. This year that probably means a slim-fitted button down, sweater, bow tie, and dress pants.

michelle said...

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