Saturday, December 11, 2010

Johnnies Get Rammed

You stood and watched. Whether in the comfort of your home, work or the arena, you stood there and watched. Exactly what did you watch? St. Johns take full control of a basketball game....for ONE half. What did you see after? St. Johns give up not ONE but TWO 16-0 runs to Fordham as well as give up TWO 10+ point leads one of which was a 21 point lead.

Do you see what I have in capital letters? Digest those deep into your brain. Then put Fordham hitting ELEVEN of it's three pointers with those things. Add in the fact that St. Johns scored FIFTY points in the paint and Dwight Hardy had THIRTY points alone and still couldn't get the win and you get.... sadness. Watching Fordham fans rush the court....anger. Knowing this St. Johns team isn't playing the way they should...Frustration.

It's the hardest thing when you see a team you where it's name and pride on your sleeve go down like this. Two straight loses against A10 Conference teams who are the bottom of the barrel in that conference. Right now they are looking like they should be Big East teams.

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Lucky Peters said...

i just throw my hands up sometimes!!