Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cam The Heisman

Did you really think this wouldn't be the story book finish? Did you think because there were allegations out there about Cam being paid to go to Auburn would stop Cam from winning? If you thought those two things you most likely never understand a sport and usually play computer games in the basement of your moms home.

Congratulations to Cam Newton, The Quarterback of Auburn University in not only winning the Heisman Trophy but for standing up and not allowing the world wind that is sports media take away from his performance on the field for his team.

People will say "Hey, does it matter? They will take it away from him like they did Reggie Bush." Two different stories. One story, that of Bush, was he was scared to speak. He held up until two years later before speaking and it was because he KNEW he did something wrong. This story features a man who wasn't afraid to speak because he was telling the TRUTH. Understand this ladies and gentlemen, Cam Newton is a win away from going from back up QB to Tim Tebow at Florida, to not being noticed when this years season began to the medias new favorite back cover story to a Heisman winner and possibly a national title winner.

We here at Novembers Children are #TeamNewton. Congrats Cam, now go beat Oregon!

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