Monday, December 13, 2010

Brett's Streak in the Moats

297 straight games. September 27th, 1992 was Brett's first game of his streak verse The Pittsburgh Steelers. His last game, December 4th, 2010. 297 straight games. Wow.

Now everyone will say Brett is a sports diva with his on and off retirement talks but how can you look past this streak. Past his career. Favre might not be Americas sweetheart but he definitely did something no other man could take and that is the the streak. For 18 seasons Favre was a target of the defense. 11 built men on the opposite side of the ball to him, staring him down, just waiting to get a hit. NO ONE could take him out ... that was until Arthur Moats. Arthur Moats was four years old when Brett's streak started and now he's always going to be remembered as the guy who ended Favre's streak. Oh did I mention... HE'S A ROOKIE. A round 6 pick by the Buffalo Bills.

To Brett I say, congrats on a streak that possibly can never be broken. To Artuhur, I think a lot of people would like to say thank you for finally putting an end to this. To Jenn Sterger, your case against Brett will finally start and to Tavaris Jackson I say, you got Osi and Tuck tonight, good luck.

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