Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pensar: Life's Philosophy

What's Good?
Two days ago someone ask me how did I make it to where I am now...
I know most of you are expecting a biography,when in fact I will provide a philosophy. My life has been full of trials and tribulations that most of you have not experience. During my early ages I realized the greatest mindset to have in the world is to not care for many things but what you want. I know reading this off first sight may lead you to believe this is a selfish philosophy but let me break it down. In today's society many people tend to please all the wrong people, especially those with no hope of returning the grace. Sometime we sacrifice so much to appease the masses instead of doing what pleases us. Pleasing yourself and only doing what is best for you and not others maybe the best way to provide for them. When you work hard everyday and set yourself to live a certain lifestyle you encourage the very people who you feed to build something for themselves. Sometimes you can give all of your time to something that may not be beneficial but at the same time feel like you're responsible for its well being. Your life plan may want you somewhere else and the more you feed your time you can miss your calling. Your calling for that very moment you were supposed to be at that place for your blessing. These sacrifices can lead you to unhappiness, loss of family and financial misfortune. Don't Miss Your Train.

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