Sunday, October 24, 2010

Josh Days Free Bars

What's Good?
Here we go again. Just wanted to share my thoughts...It is is a lifestyle right?

Blame this world

Its their fault
They made me ice cold/
From dirty bitches
To shady niggas
My lifes gone
Turn my back on music
Wish i was right home
but im right here lonely
Until the lights on
Singing these songs for you
U never leave me lonely
Before i walked off to college
Thats what Tasia told me
But i was caught up In the hype
The moons was just right
The dresses was real tight
Thats how the story went
I was warned
The signs i would ignore
I was young
I couldnt see it then
Rap game
Always calling my phone
and The lime light addiction
Wish it leave me alone
This aint the life that i wanted
Fighting to live
I Lost my friend
And my brother
Ignorant to death
Just like my dad
Call me stubborn
I needed a change through life
you know Some good will hunting
Tired of lights
And all the late nite clubbing
Pull me to fame
Gotta accept it if I want it
And tasia still waiting
You know the promise and the moment
But I told her just wait
Ill be back
My rapunzel
They say its all the same
So why mine is in a puzzle
Fan mails my drive
Guess i do it cuz i love you

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