Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Great WALL of DC

Wizard Fans will be doing the "John Wall" all season

"John Wall drives. Quick cross-over, spin move, between the defender cut and easy lay-in by the Kentucky product."

Ladies and gentlemen don't be surprised if you hear that A LOT this upcoming NBA season by announcers broadcasting whatever game John Wall and the Wizards are playing. We are looking at an ELITE guard at the age of 19. Though Wall might need some fixtures in his range of shooting (Which I'm sure Gilbert Arenas will be perfect in landing a hand in) and a little on man to man defense he is the FUTURE of guards out there. Wall is extremely difficult to guard for defenders and his quickness to the hoop causes match up problems for defenses.

Wall will post numbers night in and night out. I said last year that Brandon Jennings would be the guy to watch even though he fell in the draft and a lot of people questioned his game. I believe I was right seeing he averaged nearly 16 points and 6 assist as well as doing something even King James, Lebron James couldn't do and that is drop 55 points in a game as a rookie.

Wall will average close to 17 points per game and dish out 6-7 assist per game. This kid has a bright future and he can't even legally drink yet.

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