Sunday, September 12, 2010

From The Grid Iron to the Baseball Diamond: Patrick White

Wassup yall, here is a dope sports write up on Pat White by the #TeamNC homie @pablocaspcobar . Check it Out:

Former West Virginia star quarterback Patrick White is going from the Grid Iron to the baseball diamond. White was released this pass week by The Miami Dolphins who had drafted him in 2009 after drooling over the possibility of using him with Ronnie Brown in their Wildcat Offense. Many scouts said after a dismal rookie campaign, the only way the former Mountaineer could remain apart of the Dolphins or just in the NFL was to switch his position to a more flex spot such as wide receiver. White declined and felt that it was time to move on even though he still has the desire to play in the National Football League.

In 2004 when White was in high school, he was a highly touted pitcher and outfielder for his team and was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels in the fourth round and was being offered a nice signing bonus to join the team. White however felt the rush of college football was more his calling and so took his quarterbacking skills to West Virginia where he set the record for rushing yards by a collegiate quarterback (4,480 yards) as well as going 4-0 in Bowl Games and 2-0 in BCS Bowl Games, becoming the first quarterback to do so. He was again drafted though while in college by the New York Yankees but again decline to leave college and try his luck in the pros. Pat is now on his way to Kansas City to start his baseball playing career with the Royals after signing a minor league deal. KC is aware of White’s passion to return to football and would be open to him doing a duel-career like other athletes have done before like Mr. Primetime himself Deion Sanders.

It is high, it is deep it is gone…welcome to the show #6 Patrick White. Now show us what you can do.

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