Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Music Update

What's Good
It's getting closer to that time where most artist are going to give out everything they worked on in the winter. With that being said get your playlist ready because music madness is on it's way.
Joe Budden is still one of the illest Mc's in the game right now. Most people would say no because they don't hear him on the radio but then again if you're listening to the radio your judgement is impaired. Mood Muzik 4 is on the way....
Ciara has been in and out as an artist. Maybe this time around she's in for good or at least for a good run.
According to 2 Dope Boyz this song was released two years ago but hey it sounds straight to to me. Shout out to Gates Ave.
Jeremih has been gone for a minute and although he may sound a little bit like his label mate, he needs to re-invent himself for summer.

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