Monday, March 1, 2010

Music Update:

What's Good?
It's been too long since we gave a music update. I'm still hoping you guys no the deal. I have a gift since it's been so long. Im gonna give up more songs, I hope you enjoy.
Bobby V. has somewhat out the loop when involving music. I hope he going to make a powerful impact on his return.
Rhihanna give her melodic apology to whomever as she say says "GoodBye" in this unreleased track.
There has been so much music flowing around and I know he is just referencing tracks. This man is a complete genius and I will support him next time around. Les Is More ...coming soon!
I'm kinda at ease that this song isn't on the album. It sound like it a song you would hear in a 5 ave high fashion store.
Tyga hits the studio again as the leading man for the to come out the young money camp. I guess his response was higher than his peers, Excluding Drake because he is a situation all on its own.
I respect this man's talent on so many levels. Completely underrated in his craft he will find that song that will bring him to full rotation in New York radio.
Ciara has had her up and downs since the last time I met her. She should be making her way back into the media so she can ease the fans and surprise them with that smash hit. Advice to tricky  I can see this song making it so big if the beat was more up tempo and explosive. It has all the lyrics to get the ladies motivated. None the less it's a good song 

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