Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day of Remembrance...

What's Good?
Today marks another year of when I lost my best friend to violence. People don't understand how he impacted the world with his music. I remember moving to Brooklyn and 'One More Chance' was bumping out someones window. The feeling he gave those kids and adults was amazing. Everyone was so chilled. I say best friend because so many obstacles he had growing up, I had the same so when he spoke to me through his music, he suddenly calmed me down. All my swag as a big black fella was developed by him. I always daze off sometimes and imagine what state Hip-Hop would be in. That era of music will never be replicated. BROOKLYN!!!
"B.I. was his right hand man/
not literally his right hand man /
he help me get through some thangs/
his songs out help me get through the pain/
Versace, Coogi  Benz
made reach for the cane/
scared of jail so im losing my brain
cuz you know prison song is a song that ya boy couldn't sing/
but everyday ya boy look at the chain/
 the Jesus piece.. yea the Jesus piece it reminds of him/
My Life -Josh Days

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