Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Never Forget: Black History Month

Everyday of this month we will celebrate the life and accomplishments of some people who have changed the world one way or another. Black History month is to help people of African Descent to remember where they came from.
First us at November's Child would like to Honor...THE Dr. Carter G. Woodson.
Born 1875 in New Canton, Virginia and Child of James and Elizae Woodson. Carter like most children in the late 1800's were self-instructed when it came to education. After switching occupations from coal miner to educator Woodson later found himself at The University of Chicago where he received his MA. He later became a member of The OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY INC. His search for greater education did not stop there, he later became the 2nd African American to receive his Ph. D at Harvard University. While The African American Community began to expand, the community was also in search of their history, which bolted a movement that was led by Woodson. This movement helped him to be dubbed as The Father of Black History.

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