Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Music Update:

What's Good?
Music has been the relaxing therapy for most of us at this time. College can be stressful and waking up to a job you wish you weren't at. Here  are some tunes for the playlist.
The Cudder is back but not back. they went in the crates to pull out some old grind music.According to OnSMASH Cudder sample this from the legendary Bob Dylan's 'Lay,Lay,Lay' Shout out Plain Pat
For all my Wave fans Max B sends you an audio kite. It's so sad to see such talent lost by a single decision. Rappers you have to remember you are no different from us.
Fantasia is slowly making her way back to the world after her world famous role in The Color Purple.
Now with a television show  broadcasting her life she decided to release a lead song.
When not at St. John's, I guess he puts out music still. I still find this funny but hey education is the key.

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