Monday, January 25, 2010


In a wisp of life the world can come to an end. I once asked before my abduction, where do I see myself in five years. Without a single breath to respond with a proper text book answer I began crying. I have been asked this question many times before but this time was like none other. Tears of frustration because I really seen no future in my time to come. Living in East New York was no easy task and the man who guided me to this conclusion had no easy upbringing either. Today, 4 years short years later I find myself as a senior at one of the biggest universities in New York. In 2006 I was abducted into a life that isn’t promised to no child raised in my area. Why me? Is the infamous question I ask myself from time to time when things become unreal and too perfect in life’s chronos. Many of my friends say I have swindled my way through life but honestly I disagree. All of life’s pleasures were fed to them when life’s pleasure for me was fought for.  My mother raised five children and nomad relatives that dropped in from time to time. While trying to find a new way out of this world I was brought into, I came across some folks who showed that you can’t escape. They told me that the answer is for you to change your life, starting with you and what you place yourself center of. Every celebrity and successful person is recipients of strong will and being at the right place and right time when exercising their endeavors. Life future is full of uncertainty which fills the human mind with discouragement and sorrow. To experience death makes you fearless but wise because the greatest lesson learned from death is Live out your dreams… Please Live


Ten Good Brothers Will rise in your memory. I 'm happy to have a moment with you. Dennis"HULQ" Hayle Mu Psi Spr '08 

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