Thursday, January 21, 2010

Music Update:

What's good?
Well I hope everyone is settled in for the spring semester grind. We all know it doesn't get better until it gets warm. Here go some tunes for the mean time. Well Max has you guys with a full blown post of hip hop but I'll support you R&B heads for the day.

Musiq will always be one of the best R&B artist of my time. His talents exceed many teenie bopper made artist that first enter the game with a creative aspect. I hope this song is a sign that an album is on the way.

After releasing Enemy Of The State Lupe has been a very busy person. Now holding off on his planned retirement after album 3, Lupe should take the lead as music expands to a more broad horizon of new talent.

Rihanna Pays her tribute to her roots celebrating the beautiful life of The legendary Bob Marley. I really feel this song is a good look for her because a lot of artist are from The island but pay no tribute to their root.

The only accepted Rock group in the hip-hop has returned. People love these guys because one of  the most uncontrollable substances is good music.

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