Monday, January 18, 2010

Music Update.

Whats Good?
Now that school is going back in session for most let's get ready to grind. Here go some tunes. This is more of a R&B corner today. Sorry Hip-Hop heads!...Sike Hip-Hop always take a place here. Please support Haiti!

Mood Muzik Joey is here.All Joe Budden fans know the takeover of  the web is here.

R. Les is such a true talent and I'm digging this song so much. Artist like him should have been around When people bought albums. I hope he's spending some time on Cassie's album because she needs an album and a new image back in the pop world.

Breezy has been off and on since just above average album dropped. He should of put more slow music because he is buying into a new crowd. This song seemed like it didn't make the album because it has the same sound.

Compound's undergrad is surely going to be a name to remember. All he needs is a grade of approval from his camp. No matter what talent will be found.


Shaleka said...
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MONAE. said...

Nice Layout!! Glad to see your still at it..