Sunday, January 10, 2010

Music Update.

What's Good?
Yea, I'm back from a beautiful trip in St. Thomas. Well it's back to business and you know what it's hitting for, Music Update it is.

Joe Budden has been scorching the internet with pure crack. The haters gotta admit that he's tip top shape. Mood Muzik 2 Joey is needed on the soundwaves.

Young Goldie has been getting a lot of love for his recent mixtape. Now he has a song circulating the blogs. It's Lloyd so expect good music music.

Omarion has shown some growth as he progresses through the music industry. Hopefully for a great image move he will land somewhere on a group label.

Sam Hook may not be your household name as of yet but he will be up there and maybe featured in our Freshman class of 2010. He will be in your soundwave and his credentials do follow for your support. Shout out to Compound.

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