Thursday, December 31, 2009


What's Good?
As the new year come to a close, us at Novembers Children wanted to vote off some of our favorite categories for the year 2009. Lets get it started...

Starting off with:


#1. The Hangover was by far the best movie of the year. Presenting something new to all movie fans left them to unanimously take the crown. This comedy is surely one of the best ever and we tp our hats to the cast and directors.

#2. Quentin Tarantino was absolutely genius for this film. Shedding comedy on an horrific event can settle the nerves of people once in a while. Brad Pitt played his role very well. It's good to see he has a sense of humor.

#3. Making the list by our voters via Twitter, Avatar has made the list.

As we move along in the voting... We now present:

Underground music fnew talent has been very refreshing in 2009. We really hope all the emerging artist will have successful careers. If you did not hear any of these mixtapes please go get'em on the download... THEY ARE FREE.

#1. Coming in at numero uno, hands down it will have to be Drake with So Far Gone. This Mixtape was so dope and if an album it would definitely top the usuals. The world of hip hop listeners will definitely place him on top of the game in a few years.

#2 With all the drama going in Wayne's life he still gave the fans what they wanted and that was quality music. No Ceilings is a good mixtape from top to bottom.

#3. J. Cole has surely made a name for himself, especially with his feature on Jay-Z's album. The Warm Up was definitely his welcoming party even though it was his second mixtape people were more open to new talent when this one dropped. WE ARE ST. JOHN'S.

Now on to:


#1. Cleveland Show/Family Guy are hands down the funniest cartoons out right now, no shots to robot chicken and south park. 2009 launched the cleveland show which turned out to be a hit and just as funny as Family Guy.

#2. 24 I would say is the most watched, and at the same time, the most slept on show ever. It seems like half the U.S. watches it and half doesn't. There is no way to completely describe the show other than saying it is the best action movie ever put into a tv show.

#3. True Blood had a great season this year. It was probably the top show for HBO in 2009. This is kind of a show that you need to know what is going on, so if you are not hip yet ask a friend or hit that on demand.

As we move down the list, we land here to:

This was very tough for us to do, so we went with the majority vote from our twitter followers.

#1. Miss Keri Hilson's debut album couldn't land anywhere on this list but at the top. Her album was great. A true front to back album.

#2. Beyonce lands in at second amongst the best. She is a great performer but her album quality fell short to second. I really appreciated seeing the alter ego that usually led off all her album singles being compiled in one album.

#3. Sharing the Number 3 spot goes to Melanie Fiona and LeToya Luckett. These were two solid good albums and we didnt want to cut either out.

Now to keep it going:

Now this category is solely based on whose name you have been hearing all year long. Also, we asked our twitter followers who it should be and they agreed with our choice. This title goes to none other than:

Amber Rose: She has been everywhere and seen everywhere in 2009. She went from a stripper to becoming the girlfriend of one of the biggest stars in the game, Kanye West. It didn't stop there as she signed to one of the top modeling agencies and is now the icon for a lot of women. She did her thing, you cannot hate.

I am sure this is a category everyone has been looking forward to:


#1. Rick Ross - Deeper Than Rap. If you are really rapped up and have a problem with Rick Ross and his job working at a correctional facility... You really need to "wake up" as Spike Lee would say. Rick Ross really shutup the haters

#2. Jay-Z - Blueprint 3 . Jay-Z really showed his creative side and his ability to be versatile on this album. Jay has been in the game for a long time now, and the fact that he can still deliver quality and be relevant to what hip-hop is currently is amazing.

#3. TIED: Wale - Attention Defecit & Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon. These two albums are from two young artist in the game and are their debut albums. Many people are calling the Wale album a classic that will be slept on, saying that Wale's future albums will really sell out in stores. Wale had a few issues with the amount of copies his distribution sent out his first week which hurt album sales. The Kid Cudi album was definitely epic and wrote its on category in hiphop with its different style. It was a great album, but a little depressing at moments, but Cudi promised his next album will be all fun.


This was not even really a question:

Barack Obama: You have not heard one name spoken more than his this entire year. The first Black President ever to grace the White House. Nothing more really needs to be explained.

Thanks for being a part of the Movement!

Lucky Peters & Max StatZ

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