Monday, October 5, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?Im pretty much sure you know the deal. Music monday and today is something nearly new.

Omarion just sealed a new deal and drops the song anyway but with out Lil Wayne, I wish him the best of luck. Here goes another song though that hit the net.
Last Nite- Omarion feat. Talent Couture

The DeBarge family has been very known artist in the musi world the late 80's so now their new addition will have some impact in the music world once they find her true image.
Kristinia DeBarge feat. Fabolous- Future Love Rmx

WAAAHHHHSSS GGGOOOOOOD, Will Smooth who is making his way to the game and the walk way to being an alma mater of St. John's University. With the proper connections he has the ability to making it.
Lloyd feat. Will Smooth- Pusha

Mario has been around for a while and I hope this is the album that will show his true talent and set him above the rest.
Mario- Stranded

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