Monday, April 27, 2009

Swindle Flu (Shouts to LEs B)

So I know everybody has been hearing about this Swine Flu which is supposed to be a new pandemic. Its killed over 100 ppl in Mexico and is starting hit all over the world...
20 ppl in the US have gotten it, but nobody has died or been seriously ill...
But How long with that shit last?? I think America has our backs..
All of those shots we took as babies and kids might be worth something.

Me and my homie Les B, we call this flu the Swindle Flu...
NOTHING will swindle me to get this flu...
Ask LES THE GREAT about the swindle

On another note I have a teacher who works at another school and that school had the Swindle flu...Im in class like wtf...I guess he got cleared

Everybody, stay clean these days lol



HAHAHA good looks son def watch out for the swindle flu cuz its spreading by the second yes the second i recommend a bottle of Purell A.S.A.P lmao


Anonymous said...


Glaxo is just a marketing hand
so who sold that vacc to the whole world carrying seeds of the next pandemic?
What state, what monster?
When failed, getting away to try again?
Like Oklahoma

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guess where all the internet monitoring flows to and you guessed where that vaccine maker sits