Sunday, April 19, 2009

Music Update

Wats good, here is another music update. I went with  a underground theme, not all of these artists are really known or main stream but I like their music. Check it out.

I'm sure you know Kid Cudi. This track is on the Dr. Dre beat Imagine, he put his own little twist on it. If u like Cudi, this track is nice.
Cudi Isn't the only Good Music artist pumping music right now. Check out another Good Music artist Big Sean on the come up. I don't think there is a person who cant relate to this track.
This track is from Fam-Lay(Shark City Click) out of Norfolk VA. Yes Fam-lay from the Rock-N-Roll song a few years back.(Song was way b4 its time).. Well he is back signed to Star Trak Records and got down with Pharrell on this 1. Just like the Clipse, the flow is not your typical down south vibe.
This last track I really fuk wit hard... It's from a up and coming artist out of Chicago. B.J. the Chicago Kid is a SINGER lol since I always put hip-hop...The track is nice...I think he will make it.

Peace, Max Statz

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