Thursday, April 9, 2009

Music Update

What's Good?
You know the deal... Here go some music to add on your play list...
Johnta Austin- Im'a Mess
I have given up on waiting for Ocean Drive which was one of the most highly anticipated albums. I guess something went wrong at the label. His talents will always carry his name through the music world. I don't know if this track is up on the market or if it just some leaked track but its quality.
Brandy's Last album was very good might I say. I really like it! It was perfect comeback quality for her fan base. Artist who proclaimed as diva's are slowly becoming the past but to none are they being replaced by. Sad to see but I will always be an avid listener.
305's very own has began to push the envelope as far as his album and leaving the soap opera antics alone with Curtis. Hopefully this album can bring back his original vibe like his first album Port Of Miami. BOSS! LOL
Chris Brown- Nothin'
Beside the fact of his unforgettable moment Chris still has talent as an excellent performer. Listen what he did was wrong but honestly who are we to crucify him. One moment he can never get back but We as one people should learn to forgive. Put the the stones down and carry your own crosses.

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Chris Brown is a bitch