Friday, April 3, 2009

Music Update

Yooo back with some music 4 u... all of it is fairly new. I tried to give you 4 songs that could be in the same playlist with the same vibe. See if u like them, I know most of them are up and coming artist, but the real music is coming back with the new artist.
The first track from The Man on The Moon Aka Kid Cudi. He had everyone thinking he was crazy or upset when he claimed he was going to retire after his upcoming album. He is not retiring anymore...just seemed to be tired of the industry, I cant blame him. Ladies don't hate on the track, its very true a lotttt of times haha...production is by 88 keys.
Kid Cudi - Wasting My Minutes

Wale is getting ready for his album release too. We put up a track from him last time, but he keeps coming with some fire. This one is nice chill track, and could end up an anthem for a certain crowd haha
Wale - Penthouse Anthem

You probably have heard this track off of The Dream's album Love vs. Money. Im rockin with it hard so I just wanted to put it up.
The Dream - Put It Down

The last one is from Charles Hamilton off of his Isn't This Awkward mixtape. He has a lot of tracks that speak on relationships with the ladies that go in. Check it out, its different from Brookyln Girls promise.

Peace, I & I

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