Friday, April 24, 2009

Memory Lane!!!

What's Good?
Here is a video of Dame Dash blacking out on the whole Def Jam marketing and promotions staff. Like when I tell you that this was Dame's attitude everyday...that was it. He really does'nt have any strings as far as the Music industry because he dogged people out emotionally. OH yeah! Look at MIke Kayser's ass just looking stupid as usual (The guy with the jersey on).

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Halo said...

damn. wow. I always felt everybdy was to hard on him but after seeing this I completely understand. He had a little napoleon complex so he over compensated a little to
Being the boss doesnt mean you have to be an asshole. oh well
Hes certaintly paying for it now. Hes broke, his wife is divorcing him which she should cause he cheats on her publicly and he has no real allies in the game. karma is a bitch