Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pensar (Think)

Whats Good?
Well people are interested in other people's thought process on relationships. Sometimes in life we make sacrifices for things that's needed or for things we want. Everyone today be frontin' on how they don't want anyone, but at the end of the night they actually sigh in deep thought on how great it would be to have someone to lay next to. Companionship is something most people of our generation lack appreciation for. Although some people are blinded on what true companionship is. Today this seems to be most of silly Tiffany and the Ebony lane's scenario. What would you rather have Happiness with loneliness or discomfort and company?
Most Girls I have encountered cry over dudes who constantly abuse them emotionally but they are content with that because they don't want to be lonely. What do you prefer? and dudes don't front because some of yall be living in the girls scenario.

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