Monday, December 1, 2008

The Death of Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop as we all know has been in a fucked up state of mind. Where has it gone? is the ultimate question we all ask ourselves every time we hear some of the garbage that our radio stations play today. Remember when Hip-Hop was explosive? Like when B.I.G.'s new song would come on and you would stop whatever you was doing because your focus was the radio. 10 minutes later after Flex dropped a hundred bombs on it you now had a favorite joint. I remember moving to Brooklyn Summer of 95 and hearing someone blast "one more chance" out the window in the apartment complex and me just asking who is that. I instantly fell in love with that song. That was my debut to fully understanding the vibe to hip-hop because i was used to reggae and calypso (so obviously you can tell I was raised in the west indies). Later Hip-Hop became fabricated with some wack artist who paid their way through. Then came along the Laffy Taffy shit (snap and pop). When the new southern style of rap came I told my boy dash that rap was going to die and No Jay-Z song could bring it back to life. The Gate Keepers who are the radio DJ's fell asleep and lost track of their very duty ,which was to make sure GOOD music follows through and the wack shit gets left outside the gate.

In today's music they no longer want your soul now it has to come with a dance. First we was poisoned with D4L's garbage then the Birth of souljah Boy and now we just have "rappers turning into Sangers" with this auto tune shit. I understand T-pain's Hustle but now you have legit rappers using the shit. Kanye's complete album is auto-tuned I was almost sick to my stomach. Some of these hip hop artist should stand their ground and stay faithful to their supporters. The Rap game is in the slums as far as creativity and talent. The Stations that provide the oppertunity for these artist to be heard are being bought out. So with the power of their influence they flood your ears with the garbage which hypnotizes you like it. The Music industry is Fucked. I swear if B.I.G. would have been alive Half of the wack-ass rappers would be taking orders. (The Photo was by Gordon Parks)

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MONAE. said...

I love this piece, I want to see more like it.