Monday, May 16, 2011

By Ear Mixtape Review : D'amazin Rookie

Peace and Blessings

This week I present to you a project I hold close and dear to me, A collaborative Ep composed by my two brothers from another, Titled "D'amazin Rookie". The seven track Ep brings together the talented brother Darius Washington (@Damazin215) and his extensive soul sampling talents along with the lyrical prowess of Tyrque Jackson(@Rookie_Mcfly). The duo already gaining local fame and headlining for artists such as Wale have been collaborating for some time and feel that the time is now to put the world on to their talents.The samples are dope in choice and the production is of a pre College Dropout feel.The lyrical talent and wordplay of D'amazin Rookie is of sound value and style as well. The Duo definitely put their talents to good use and the Ep is solid proof of it. If the Ep is a preview of what's to come for the two I'm sure the work and artistry can only get better from here. Check the link for the drop. ClickHere

By Ear @St8ofmines

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