Friday, March 18, 2011

Thank You, Johnnies

Hardest part of the season is always to say that it is over especially if you are one of the 10 seniors on a team but today (or last night) we say goodbye to a season full of magnificent memories instilled in the minds of Johnny fans all across America.

After losing to Gonzaga 86-71, 10 seniors hang up their jerseys for the last time but for once in their four year careers they can hold their head up high above the clouds because of what they have done.

Four years ago these kids were nothing but new recruits coming in and continuing the "dark ages" of St. John's Basketball. Four years later they are the reason that there is light once again shinning on the campus of St. John's.

After an amazing season which captured a 21-11 record (12-6 in the Big East) along with two tournament championships, multiple upset wins over high ranked schools, finally getting nationally ranked themselves and also making it to the NCAA Tournament I sit here today and thank all these seniors for the hard work that they have put in. They brought life back to New York City and made a city proud to wear their colors.

Again, Thank you seniors for all the hard work and dedication that you have shown to this University over the years. You will always be the reason for the St. John's turnaround.

-Tim Dimas

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