Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Editors Letter: Remembering My Best Friend

What’s Good?

Today marks the saddest day in Hip Hop and Brooklyn. On March 9th, 1997 the world stood still and witness the loss of Hip Hop’s most influential figure. Christopher George Latore Wallace was hope for a small region in the greater New York area called BROOKLYN! I remember it like yesterday waking up to my mother telling me “Biggie died last night”. My heart dropped as if I lost my best friend, which in fact all along I did. Growing up a few people play a certain role in the moldings of your character. Mothers teach you how to care and love people and your father teaches how to be a MAN. Biggie taught you how to be THE MAN! Growing up in Brooklyn I learned a lot from Christopher. Sometimes when watching Black mid 90’s television shows you would learn something that helped push you along. Christopher share that Influence with me. Being chubby and dark skinned wasn’t popping growing until Biggie hit the scene. He taught me it wasn’t all about your looks. it was about your swag. Swag was your ambiance, you know… YOUR LOOK. Later came your charisma when you actually spoke how you made people feel. People will always remember how you made them feel, ALWAYS! While trying to find myself while moving closer to my pre-teens I looked up to Chris like your homie that was two grades ahead of you but he kept you around to let people know you were cool and that you were on the come-up. I just hope that when you see all of things I am made of, I just hope You see a little Christopher in me…

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