Thursday, February 3, 2011

Editors Letter: Valentine's Day

What’s Good?
On February 14th the stars will align and love will be in the air. St. Valentine would never have fathomed the simplest idea of his work being celebrated into one of the world’s biggest days in consumerism, mediocrity…OH YEAH! and companionship.

Most people of today want the idea of companionship but surely aren't ready for the grit work of keeping it healthy and prosperous. Since the idea is always thrilling to almost everyone whose heart skips a beat when in thought of his or her dreamy spouse, we can all agree.

November’s Child is and always has been a fan of this beautiful day of beginnings and continuations of affection to its peak. Since we care for all of our supporters, we did a Valentine’s Day Special for everyone who plans to be in NYC on the special day (I apologize to the entire DMV and elsewhere). Every year is not  about doing it bigger but doing it different. Gentleman, I understand that all the pressure is on us to make her feel more of a woman than we do on ordinary days.  My best advice to you is to be spontaneous. If you need some help send some emails to the site.

The restaurants, Bars and social events that we selected were chosen through our experiences. We refer these places especially the restaurants because through the stomach is the best place to reach the heart lol. TRUE!  In today’s dining, many people like to eat lightly but effectively. Please go outside of your normal place and trust me, you will have a great time and experience.

We understand that most people are on recession budgets in these days of economical crisis, so the places we selected are very cost effective and still fulfilling. The Bars and lounges are very affordable (I am a college student, so you know I mean it when I say “affordable”).

To all the unfortunate men and women who will spend this day with friends or home alone because they don’t have a date…There is always next year. To the trifling Men &WOMEN who have tainted some of the pure hearted people…I hope you are at home. 

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You out did your self this time def showed Exceptional Work and recommendations for Valentines day!! Respect

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