Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Coach Same Johnnies

You would have thought with 5 new coaches all bringing some sort of intelligence to the table that St. Johns Basketball would not falter to weak teams like last night against St. Bonaventure's. If you thought that, don't feel bad because tons of people thought that as well.

Andrew Nicholson hit the game winner with about 5 seconds remaining in the game. If you watched the game you asked yourself "How did this kid score 19 points after only scoring 2 points in the first half and those points coming on free throws." It's because he's what you call NBA READY.

The Johnnies lost for three reasons. When you blow two 10+ point leads and only make 10 of 20 free throws as well as get out rebounded you will not win. They did all three of these things.

Question now is to be asked, who is it to be blamed? Do we blame my broadcasting box that wasn't working correctly all night or do we blame Liane's friends for not providing her with her game time socks or is it finally time to look at the players and say, "Hey guys, this one is on you".
The answer isn't clear but what is clear, New Coach doesn't always mean New Team

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