Thursday, October 7, 2010

Roy "Doctober" Halladay

There are many ways you can make your first career start in the post season look very impressive. One way is by throwing a no-hitter as Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay did yesterday against the Reds.

Halladay has been an ace pitcher for years now but up until this year he's been keep hidden from the playoffs due to being on an unsuccessful Blue Jays franchise. That was all changed when he joined the Phillies this off season and now he has solidified, in that one start, that he is one of thee best pitchers in the game right now and with a couple more strong starts like this, he can be titled one of the best pitchers of all time.

The last pitcher to throw a no-hitter in post season baseball was Don Larson for the Yankees in 1956.

For Roy Halladay he has started the Phillies run for their third World Series appearance in three years and did it in great fashion.

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