Friday, March 5, 2010

Music Update:

What's Good?
Music Update are going to be flowing as long as the artist keep'em coming!
Please go out and support KITH with their new album available on itunes. These guys linked up with the Unsung Heroe and JUUUSSSTTT BBBLLAAAZZEE!
Diddy is going shake the charts once again with this album. I can see it being one notch above his previous album Press Play.
Ross is definitely making his way to the top of the game with one of the elites. Now with him being the next BIG according to Diddy will never happen...Ever
 JOEY! Mr. MoodMuzik is back... as a solo artist. I really need that mixtape feed because it has been too long since Mood Muzik 3. Joey teams up with Royce to remake as the fourth version of Lloyd Baks' Beamer Benz or Bentley.

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